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Body Massages

Indian Head Massage | 30 minutes

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Neck, Back & Shoulder | 30 minutes

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Full Body Massage | 45 minutes

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Full Body Massage | 60 minutes

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Combo Massage include Neck,Back, Shoulder, Head &Facial Pressure point massage ( with Rose & Saffron Oil) | 45 minutes


Pregnancy Massage | 60 minutes


LED Light Therapy for Pain & Ache | 30 minutes


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Trained therapists provide personalized treatments.

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Peaceful sanctuary for relaxation and unwinding.

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Affordable spa services without sacrificing quality.

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Treatments & Rituals

Unwind, Recharge, and Revitalize Your Mind, Body, and Soul with Our Exceptional Spa Services and Treatments, Designed for Your Comfort and Satisfaction

Full Body sea and senses hot stone


For total well-being and indulgence, experience the complete Sea & Senses body ritual with marine hot stones.

Starting with reflex activity on the feet. Warm volcanic basalt stones are applied to specific points on the body to relax and eliminate toxins.

During this ultra-sensorial experience incorporating a unique massage technique using marine hot stones, tension quickly gives way

Thalgo Sea and Senses Hot Stone Face and Body Ritual


After a welcome touch, the therapist carries out a massage using the marine hot stones, starting with reflex activity on the feet. Then it’s time for the cleansing ritual to immerse you in an aquatic cocoon of relaxation with a spritz of Reviving Marine Mist. A seaweed mask is mixed with essential oils adapted to your skin type and applied to the skin. While the mask infuses its benefits, the therapist continues a unique massage using the marine hot stones on your arms and shoulders.

The ultra-sensorial experience of Sea & Senses allows the face to regain its natural beauty, as tension melts away. After the mask is taken off, the massage continues on the scalp. A scalp massage is a technique that uses the fingers to apply gentle pressure in a circular motion to the head to stimulate nerve endings, muscles and blood vessels. This enjoyable sensation creates a feeling of well-being and relaxation. This amazing ritual lasts for 80 minutes.

Thalgo Sea and Senses Full Body Hot Stone Exfoliation


For deep relaxation, try the Thalgo Sea & Senses body treatment with marine hot stones.

After a full body exfoliation, warm volcanic basalt stones are applied to specific points on the body to relax and eliminate toxins, while cool marine stones are applied to re-mineralise the body.

During this ultra-sensorial experience incorporating a unique massage technique using the marine hot stones, tension quickly gives way to deep relaxation.

Mer Des Indes- Rebalancing Ritual


A true Indian sensory experience, this harmonising protocol invites body and mind to switch off and let go and rebalance their energy. Warm oil, together with gentle, enveloping massage movements combine with invigorating manoeuvres and stretches to restore total harmony of body and mind. After 1 hour 25 mins of hands-on therapy, you and your skin and mind will feel rejuvenated.

Thalgo Pregnancy Pamper Treatment


Treat yourself to this relaxing face and body ritual especially designed for mums to be.

After a soothing welcome massage the skin is smoothed and softened with a full body exfoliation, followed by an application of Thalgo’s celebrity favourite stretch mark cream to help the skin tolerate extensive stretching.

While this is left to work you will be treated to a hydrating facial ad a soothing and relaxing lower leg and foot massage.

Finally, a nourishing body cream is applied, leaving your skin feeling silky smooth and completely. 

Thalgo 3 Algea detox and cleansing body wrap


The original marine algae wrap, harnessing all the incredible benefits of seaweed.

After a relaxing welcome massage to relieve tensions, the body is exfoliated before Thalgo’s patented seaweed application is applied, infusing its minerals, vitamins and micro-nutrients to the body.

After the seaweed is removed, a relaxing massage is carried out using an oil blended especially for detox.

This treatment activates circulation, increases metabolism, relieves aches and pains and can improve certain dry skin conditions. Excellent for detox and general well-being. 

Frigi Thalgo Body Wrap (Slimming)


Discover Thalgo’s famous cool marine wrap.

After a relaxing welcome massage, your therapist will apply a bandage wrap to the body, infused with a lotion containing Thalgo patented seaweed extract, Menthol and active ingredients to improve blood flow and regulate fluid balance.

Frigi-Thalgo is able to significantly boost circulation, making it highly effective at eliminating excess fluid and toxins from the hip and thigh area. It is very popular as an anti-cellulite treatment or for a slimming quick fix.

Lymphatic Manual Massage (70 minutes)


Lymphatic drainage massage can improve circulation throughout the body’s lymphatic system and can also help to reduce swelling.

This gentle, non-invasive treatment can help treat the pain, stiffness and inflammation that can occur all over the body.

At a minimum, having a lymphatic drainage massage once every three months will help keep the lymphatic system in tip-top condition.

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